The Perfect White Linen Dress for Bali

Sometimes when Dan and I travel, it can take a while to finally relax. In east Bali, however, we found ourselves totally at ease while staying at Villa Campuhan (see the post here).  

We didn't have to think about where to eat or being on time to anything. I woke naturally to the sunrise every single morning. We took afternoon naps listening to the ocean. We drank out of coconuts and watched the huge waves barrel towards us. We walked barefoot around the property. We took outdoor showers beneath the palm trees and I didn't even bother drying my hair because it was going to look beachy no matter what I did to it.

Bali is very warm and humid, but along the coast it never felt uncomfortable. I practically lived in linen dresses like the one above. The semi-sheer midsection and short flowy skirt made it perfect for keeping cool. Our villa only had a ceiling fan and sometimes we would leave a window open to circulate the airflow, but other than that we found we could relax comfortably in loose light clothing.

The best part about this dress is that it is actually made in Bali, as is this trendy, leather crossbody bag and this fuchsia beaded clutch. At home, I will add a splash of color like these popular beaded tassel earrings, but in Bali I simply wore a bright yellow plumeria flower in my ear. Does anyone remember when that was the most popular Bath and Body Works lotion? Well it obviously smells even better in person.

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