Donna Riggins

I fell in love with travel early on, from earning my wings on a cross country flight as a young child, living my formative years exploring and camping in the PNW, traveling to exotic locations on mission trips as a wide-eyed teenager, and now planning my own trips with a never-ending bucket list. I believe it is the best way to make memories and expand my own small world view.

Never Settle Travel is an idea I have been playing with for years. It started as an idea to help people plan their travels. I know so many people who would like to travel but are truly intimidated by the whole process. Whenever I return from my short-term multi-destination trips, family and friends are always amazed and ask "How did you do that?"

The first iteration of this project was a mobile application, followed by a web application, and finally a simple travel blog. After years of research and several tossed scripts, all while balancing a full time job and my own travels, I realized I could not dedicate the appropriate time to a full blown development scheme. Having only experienced the consumer side of travel, it also became clear to me how much I still have to learn about this industry and where it is going, since there are already so many big players in the field. 

I am holding on to my day job, at least for now, because I feel like it enables me to travel the way I want. I love curating unique trips to places I've only dreamed about, and I hope to share this process with you via Never Settle Travel. I also recognize that most people cannot quit their jobs to travel the world, so I hope I can provide a realistic benchmark for how to fit travel into your current lifestyle.

Feel free to join me on my journey and ask whatever questions you may have along the way!