Provence Lavender Fields

Provence Travel Guide
Lavender and Poppies in Provence

We visited Provence at the beginning of lavender season in late June 2016 and I have dreamed of going back ever since. I was so obsessed with finding the rolling lavender fields, and seeing them in person was even more magical than I could have imagined.

Provence Lavender Fields
White Lace Dress in the Provence Lavender Fields
Provence Lavender Fields

I had been so worried about how to actually find the lavender fields before our trip. Luckily I happened upon The Wandering Lens' amazing Provence photography guide, specifically detailing exactly where to find the best lavender fields.

We began our journey in Moustiers-Saint-Marie where we stayed in the most charming boutique hotel right by the stunning Verdon du Gorges. See the beautiful lake and where we stayed here.

How to find the lavender fields in Provence
Provence Lavender Fields Travel Guide
Lavender Fields in Provence, France
Lavender in Provence, France

On our first night in the countryside, I fell absolutely head of heels in love with Provence. We explored the town and area around our hotel and then returned for the most amazing meal we have ever had to date. The next morning we were up early to find the lavender fields.

I knew from The Wandering Lens' guide that we would find lavender about twenty minutes away in Valensole. What I did not realize was that the lavender fields were already right there in Moustiers Saint Marie. We saw our first field less than a mile from our hotel and we continued to find new fields around every corner, shouting and pointing whenever we spotted a new one. 

How to find the lavender fields in Provence, France
Pink lavender fields in Provence
Pink lavender fields in Provence

Walking among the lavender was an amazing sensory experience. I still remember the fragrant smell of fresh laundry and the unnerving sound of busy bees hovering over each bush. Along the road we found several shops selling the best local goods like dried lavender, soaps, oils and even lavender honey.

We drove on towards Avignon where we would catch a train to Paris. As we passed our last lavender field in Valensole, I sighed wishing we could stay longer. The drive to Avignon was absolutely amazing, each of the towns we drove through was more beautiful than the next.

Pink lavender in Provence France
Provence Lavender Fields
Where to find the lavender fields in Provence

Someday soon I will go back and spend more time in Provence. I think about it all of the time, more than any other place we've visited. Maybe for a week this time, or a month... or maybe forever!

Meanwhile, I am getting my daily Provence fix from Ann Street Studio's photographer and creative visionary Jamie Beck. Her Instagram account @annstreetstudio is a captivating diary of her life abroad in Provence where she creates still life photos and portraits that honestly belong in the Musee D'Orsay.