Positano is for Pizza Lovers

The next morning, Dan and I woke early to the sun rising over Positano. Feeling refreshed after the previous travel day, we were ready to relax. I mentioned in my first post that hotels book up quickly for the summer, and Positano is no exception.

A friend had previously recommended La Casa di Pepe which looked like an amazing retreat. However, when I contacted the owner, they were completely booked for our July dates.

After thoroughly researching the remaining available accommodations, I decided to split our time between two hotels to experience both the city and the sea view. Our first hotel, was right in the center of town and we had a great view of the colorful buildings and the famous Spiaggia Grande. The room was very spacious with many romantic details. 

After a classic continental breakfast, we returned to our room to pack up. Planning to check into our second hotel later that afternoon, we prepared for a day at the beach and stored our bags with the concierge for the day. We filled up on the breakfast buffet and then began the walk down hundreds of steps to the rocky beach Spiaggia Grande. 

We arrived early in the day around 10:00 AM and paid for two chairs right in front of the water, which cost us about 25 euro each. Once you get down to the beach, everything costs money including the bathrooms. There is also a beach bar where you can grab higher priced snacks and drinks. 

We spent most of the day just lounging, swimming and playing in the sun. The beaches are rocky, which I know some people have found disappointing, but the rocks are smooth and the water is warm.

The seas were especially calm on this day and I loved how easy it was to float in the warm salty water. For us Positano, was the perfect vacation from our vacation. 

When we got hungry, we actually climbed all the way back up to the main street to collect our bags and check into our new hotel. After checking in we went back to the same pizza restaurant, Ristorante Saraceno D'Oro, and this time ordered our own personal pizzas.

On our Walkabout Florence tour, the guide was so envious that we were headed to Positano and told us I had to try something called a delizia. "Just trust me," she said. I ordered it from this restaurant having know idea what to expect.

I was treated to an incredibly rich sponge cake filled and covered with lemon custard. The waiter also brought us complimentary limoncello shots, and we learned why the region is so famous for this liqueur. This stuff is dangerously good. 

You'll find lemon trees all throughout Italy, especially in the Amalfi Coast, so be sure to try all of the lemon treats, especially the delizia al limone and the limonecello liqueur.

After lunch, we returned to our new hotel which was quieter and had the most gorgeous sea view. Dan and I each enjoyed a local beer on the balcony. Then Dan napped and I finished my book on the balcony until the sun set. 

It happened to be July 4th, and I was so surprised to see fireworks set off here. Dan and I returned to Ristorante Saraceno D'Oro because we loved it so much. This time however we both ordered pasta which was amazing, as well. The town was all lit up and a musician serenaded us throughout the meal. 

Sad to be leaving this special place and promising to return, we walked back to the hotel to rest up for our big day ahead journeying to Capri AND Rome.