My Favorite Greek Island

Greek island

Okay, fine, so I have only actually been to two Greek islands, but so far Milos is my favorite. It was perfectly sunny and warm even in late September, which was a huge relief after experiencing chilly weather in Switzerland and Italy.

The water in Milos was the clearest I have ever seen and at times we felt like we had the whole island to ourselves. We loved renting a car (thankfully, they had an automatic for us) and exploring the many towns, restaurants, and beaches around the island. 

I have to give a big shoutout to our friends, Jill and Morgan, for pointing us in the right direction. Not only did they insist that we visit Milos on this trip, but we actually stayed in the exact same Airbnb they recommended, which we loved! 

It was so ironic because Jill had left something behind at the house a few months earlier and we were able to bring it back to her in the US! You should absolutely check out Jill Doty Photography's Greece Itinerary on her blog. Her photos are gorgeous, especially the drone pics, and her tips were so helpful to me. 

The adorable home we rented (see here) is right on the water and steps from a great, traditional Greek restaurant. Our Airbnb host Christina is a German native who used to vacation on the island with her family. She eventually fell in love with a man in Milos and moved there to be with him in paradise. How sweet is that! I would absolutely stay here again on a future trip to Milos.

Sadly, we only had a couple of days in Milos. On our final morning we returned the car to Adamantas, where we then boarded a SeaJet ferry to Santorini. I had heard mixed reviews about the ferry experience in Greece, but luckily we had no issues. Here a few things to keep in mind just in case.

First, you will need to pick up your tickets from the ferry office. I almost forgot this step and had to run down the street to pick them up right before our ferry arrived. Another warning, is that the ferry will more than likely be delayed depending on the conditions of the water.

Luckily the water was calm for us, so we did not get seasick and the ferry was only fifteen minutes delayed. Finally, the bathrooms on board are less than ideal and difficult to use while the boat is moving. Our trip was only two hours, but some of the other islands are further away... so you've been warned. Other than that, the seats were comfortable and the trip went by quickly.

Have you been to any of the Greek islands? Which was your favorite?

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