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A few weekends ago, I flew to Phoenix to meet my little sister for a spontaneous girls weekend in Arizona. She was already going to be there for work and had asked me to help her plan her trip, so I booked a last minute flight to join her since Arizona has been on my bucket list for a while. We flew in Saturday morning and saw the Devil's Bridge (pictured here), Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend and the Grand Canyon... all in 48 hours.

Before our two hour drive to our first stop in Sedona, we stopped at a Target to buy a styrofoam cooler and to stock up on ice, waters, gatorades and snacks to keep us going on such an intense trip. When we arrived at the Devil's Bridge Trail, it was pretty unassuming with very few signs pointing us in the right direction. We were so distracted by the beautiful views, we almost drove straight onto the rocky trail. Luckily we looked down just in time and noticed a parking lot back on our left. 

Once you hit the trail, there is a sign that points you toward the Devil's Bridge. Start walking that way though and suddenly the trail disappears and you are basically in the middle of the desert with a vague general direction toward the Devil's Bridge.  

We later learned that there are two different trails to get there. One is a longer more scenic trail which is a little confusing to follow, and the other is a rocky jeep path that some companies use to take tourist on an offroading trip to see the sights. You can walk on this path as well, just keep an eye out for the jeeps as they kick up a lot of dust. 

The hike is actually pretty short. In total, we were probably there about two hours with the hike only taking about 1.5 hours round trip. As usual, the longest part of the trip was stopping to take photos every two minutes. I would describe the trail as dusty, like walking on red sand, followed by a series of stone staircases leading up to bridge. The views of the surrounding landscape are completely stunning as you climb higher.

Once we saw the Devil's Bridge, I honestly did not know if I had the courage to go stand on it. My sister went first and I kept begging her to be careful because it looks so terrifying from the other side. I had read and she assured me that the bridge is much wider when you are actually on it, which was a relief. We both had fun taking photos and then several other hikers arrived wanting a turn on the bridge. 

By this time, we could see and hear a dark rain cloud thundering off in the distance so we hurried back to our car to avoid get soaked. Sedona has a lot of other activities to offer including Sliding Rock park and a trendy restaurant and spa scene, which I would love to come back for. However, we had a tight itinerary and needed to hit the road for our 3.5 hour drive to Page, AZ.

Next up, the beautiful Antelope Canyon. 

sister trip to Sedona
Devil's Bridge Trail | Never Settle Travel
Best views in Arizona | Never Settle Travel
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Best views in Sedona
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Red rocks of Sedona, Arizona | Never Settle Travel
Best hikes in Arizona | Never Settle Travel
Devil's Bridge
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Sedona, Arizona | Never Settle Travel
Hiking in Sedona, Arizona | Never Settle Travel
Best hiking in Sedona | Never Settle Travel
Devil's Bridge Trail in Sedona | Never Settle Travel
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Devil's Bridge Trail | Never Settle Travel
Best views in Sedona | Never Settle Travel
Best hikes in Arizona | Never Settle Travel
Devil's Bridge Trail | Never Settle Travel

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